1982-2013: our story.

It was the late 70’s when our father, Francesco Montori, had the idea to buy a ruin with an adjoining land within walking distance from one of the most famous and beautiful churches in Todi: the renaissance Temple of Consolazione.

Mongolfiere 2010 002

The ruin was actually the former Franciscan monastery of Santa Margherita that dated back to the twelfth century: our father’s project was to restore it and then convert it into a private residence for us 4 brothers … But then, since the reputation of Todi as touristic town was growing more and more (and think about it: at that time there was only one hotel in Todi!), the project was totally changed. Now dad wanted to turn this ruin into a 1° Category Hotel and thus give us the possibility of having a certain future employment.

And indeed it was, since today we 4 brothers are the managers of  the Hotel … obviously under the supervision of the “big boss”! Here we are! From the right: Andrea, Claudia, Elena and Filippo.

Hotel_Bramante noi4 _239

The inauguration was in 1982, exactly on February 23: here is the poster that advertised the event and the original licenses.

foto (19)

foto (18)

The hotel had 43 rooms and regarding the furnitures he decided to use a kind of “poor art” to recreate the atmosphere of the monastery. Here are the rooms and suites at that time and today:


In 1984 a young chef named Cataldo Mosca came to Bramante … now it’s nearly 30 years that he is here with us!


And here is the enormous difference between the buffet then, all butter and jelly, and the buffet now!

foto (20)

foto (23)

Between the late ’90s and the beginning of 2001, we added the panoramic swimming pool, a tennis court / football and a wellness center. We also enlarged the structure with other 14 rooms (standard, junior suites and suites) and a huge congress hall, the Hall of Emperors.

Here it is: the Hotel before and after …

foto (21)


In these 30 years we have organized many events. A great success had the Festival of the Etruscans: a way to revive the traditions and customs of a people who lived more than two thousand years ago in our own territory. Dinners in costume with typical local dishes!


To testify the skill and originality of our chef Aldo, we remember with pleasure when in 2004 all the staff of Hotel Bramante was called to the court of Putin in Russia!

Why ? Well, the Italian consul in Russia, Mr. Ricci,  had met Aldo here at the hotel as  customer. He liked the cuisine of Aldo so much that he  thought  to invite him to St. Petersburg to cook at the Hotel Astoria during the week of the Festival of Cooking!  Many other local authorities had been invited for tastings of local products (olive oil, wine, col cuts, cheese etc.)

Here are the articles:


If 10 years ago someone would asked us “How about creating a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account?” We reply “What!?” … It was the epoch of 1 .0 and paper …

foto (22)

On the contrary, today you can follow us on:


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